Our story

Our story

Jujuc is the result of our desire, as parents, to harmoniously integrate the child into our lives. As followers of a minimalist lifestyle, we have tried as much as possible not to be swayed by the power of marketing in the purchase of children's products. The most attractive objects, obviously, are the toys.

In order to capture the attention of children, parents and grandparents (we know too well from our own experience) constantly try to offer them new toys. Their magic is often consumed very quickly, and the home easily, easily becomes the storage space for toys. We have not wanted to end up in this situation since Sasha, our little boy, was a cell. We wondered how we could not deprive him of the opportunity to experiment using various toys, without making our home look like a huge playground, without spending enormous amounts of money, and without disrupting the circuit of nature, which we want to keep it as healthy as possible for him. The answer is all that Jujuc means now.

The project came to life thanks to the work of the team we formed together with dear friends, who understood its complexity and importance. Thus, we have come to divide quality toys into carefully selected packages for the multi-sided development of children aged 6 to 24 months. Each month, you hand in the previous package and receive another one with age-appropriate toys (we know the importance of months in the first years of little ones' lives). Toys will travel from one child to another until their condition calls for their replacement. A part of those removed from the circuit will be donated to NGOs working in the service of child protection.

  • De la părinți pentru părinți

    Și noi suntem părinți și știm cât de importantă este călătoria voastră

  • Dezvoltarea micuțului, ca la carte

    Jucăriile noastre sunt atent alese pentru dezvoltarea sănătoasă a copilului, întotdeauna adecvate vârstei

  • Jucării calitative, accesibile

    Colaborăm cu branduri care pun accent pe calitate și sustenabilitate, iar noi ți le oferim la un preț special, prin abonament lunar

  • Experiențe noi, lună de lună

    Lunar primești un pachet nou cu jucării potrivite vârstei și îl returnezi pe cel anterior

  • Mai mult spațiu, acasă

    Ai parte de mai mult loc în casă, fără a compromite diversitatea jucăriilor

  • Sustenabilitate pentru viitorul lor

    Reducem risipa și cumpăratul impulsiv, prin reutilizarea jucăriilor din abonamente